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Civil Litigation

At Ashwood Solicitors, we have a specialist team of Civil Litigation Solicitors who provide clear and practical legal advice to a wide range of individuals looking to resolve disputes. Our service is clear and straightforward, and we provide transparent information about costs, outcomes and timescales.


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Civil Litigation Solicitors

At some point in our lives, we are likely to find ourselves in a dispute with an individual or a company. Civil Litigation situations can be confusing, stressful and time consuming for all those involved, which is why we aim to help our client’s in the best way possible.

We always aim to work with our clients to ensure that they receive the most cost-effective solution to resolving disputes. It is crucial to seek advice as soon as you can if you have a dispute, a law firm such as ourselves can ensure a solution regardless of the matter under dispute.

At Ashwood Solicitors, our expert team are on hand to understand the specific circumstances and provide you with legal advice to help you resolve the dispute, make or defend a claim, or simply to explain your rights. Where appropriate we will explore Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) options with you to help resolve the dispute and avoid going to court. If going to court is inevitable, then we will work hard to robustly defend or advance your position, helping to achieve the best outcome for you.

Free Initial Discussion

For a free initial discussion and a no-obligation quote, call our friendly team today on 0161 248 4444 or email us at and a member of our team will get back to you. We will also assess if you are eligible for Legal Aid.

Civil Litigation Solicitors

Civil Litigation is the process of resolving a dispute through the court, but there are bound to be times where mediation cannot resolve a dispute. Our expert Civil Litigation team are able to offer advice and assistance in all manner of civil litigation matters, including:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Breach of agreements
  • Breach of contract
  • Building disputes
  • Clinical & Medical Negligence
  • Consumer claims
  • Employment disputes
  • Landlord and Tenant issues
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Personal Injury
  • Professional negligence
  • Property infringement & Boundary disputes
  • Unpaid bills or Invoices
  • Property damage claims

At Ashwood Solicitors, we are committed to protecting and enforcing our clients’ rights. This means our team will understand your needs and explore the case at hand to try and ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. If at any time the case doesn’t continue with your best interests in favour, we will continue to work with you to close the case in the most suitable way.

Please, contact a member of our friendly team today to have a no-obligation discussion about how we can help you.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

This refers to ways of resolving disputes that don’t involve going to court. We advise all our clients that taking someone to court should always be a last resort, due to the damage it may cause to relationships, including the additional time and costs involved. At Ashwood Solicitors, our team will advise you on alternative options to help resolve your dispute and to navigate this complex process.

How Much Does Resolving a Legal Dispute Cost?

We will initially provide a free discussion and assessment of your matter and let you know very quickly whether we can help you or not. If we think you have a strong case, we will let you know about funding options. Why not speak to one of our dedicated team to find out about funding and our pricing depending on your circumstances.

Why Choose Us

At Ashwood Solicitors, we offer a compassionate, flexible and cost-effective legal approach, ensuring that we are able to adapt to the requirements of our clients. Using our depth and breadth of expertise we have helped clients with a wide range of legal matters. Our approach is to be proactive and work with you and other advisers to achieve your objectives and deliver successful outcomes as efficiently and swiftly as possible.

We can clearly explain the legal issues and provide you with expert advice that is tailored to your specific circumstances. We serve clients from all communities, ethnicities, without any bias to provide sound advice on the risks of litigation versus the rewards of success.

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