For nationals of many countries, you will need to get confirmation from the UK that you are able to travel here in advance of booking your trip. People visit for many reasons such as tourism, to visit family members, for business or to perform at certain events.

Generally, visitors in all categories will need to show:

  • The purpose of their visit to the UK and that this is for a permitted purpose (i.e. you could come to visit a new-born relative but not to provide childcare or to attend an interview for a job but not to undertake paid work).
  • How the visitor will be maintained. For example, can you show the funds for your flights? Do you have accommodation available? Can you afford the costs of your visit overall?
  • Why you will return home. It is helpful to demonstrate the strong links you have back home and why you will return e.g. family, jobs, running a business etc.

Visit visas can be issued for anywhere between 6 months and 10 years. Please note that, in any event, visitors must not spend more than 6 months in the UK in any 12-month rolling period.

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