The UK is a popular destination for those who wish to set up their own businesses or invest in the financial markets. The Home Office has specific routes open to those who choose to bring their enterprise to the UK. These are complex routes with very specific documentary requirements. At Ashwood, we can work alongside you to advise on the pitfalls to avoid in these applications.


You will need to have a business idea (you cannot become a landlord or invest in property), at least £200,000 to invest and a solid business plan. The Home Office will expect this and you may well be interviewed about it. The Home Office will grant three years of entry clearance for you. You must be able to show that you have invested your funds, become a director of your business and created at least two full-time jobs (or the equivalent) in order to extend your leave further and settle in the UK.

You will also need to show sufficient funds to maintain yourself and provide you have no criminal record in your country of origin. You can bring your family members with you as dependants should you have additional available maintenance funds.

In some circumstances you can apply with £50,000 rather than £200,000 but this must be from government approved seed-funding. You can also potentially rely on third party funding for the investment amount.

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