If your business is struggling to find the talent it needs in the domestic labour market and wishes to look further afield for the right employees, you will need to obtain a Sponsor License from the Home Office before you can employ foreign nationals.

You will need to set out the structure of your business to the Home Office and demonstrate the nature of the work you undertake, as well as explaining why you require foreign labour to assist you. The Home Office may visit you as part of this application, to make sure your business is operating as described and to check how you keep employee records.

If successful, you will be able to sponsor foreign nationals to work for you. You will (apart from certain exemptions) need to show that are no domestic workers who can fulfil the roles you need. This means advertising the role widely and having good records of all interviews with applicants. At this point you can issue formal Certificates of Sponsorship to foreign workers who can then apply to work with you in the UK.

A Sponsor License is a serious undertaking. The Home Office will expect you to keep them informed of any significant changes in your business or update them should your employee stop working. Any sized business can get a sponsor license. As long as you can justify your position and have the right procedures in place, you should be able to expand your business the way you want.

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