We have a strong success rate in helping families to reunite in the UK and navigating the entry clearance process.


In order to bring a spouse or partner to the UK, you must satisfy the Home Office that you and your partner are

  • Lawfully married and/or in a genuine and subsisting relationship
  • That any previous marriages and relationships have ended
  • That you have sufficient income (at least £18,600 p.a.) to support yourselves
  • The you have access to accommodation
  • Your partner speaks an adequate level of English
  • Your partner is free from Tuberculosis

Many clients find the financial aspect of these applications intimidating. If you are self-employed, relying on pension income or the director of a limited company, the evidence you will need to provide is very specific and you should make sure that it is in order before sending documents to a Visa Application Centre.

In limited circumstances you may be able to rely on exceptional offers of funding from third parties or job offers to support an application.

If you are successful, your partner will be granted 30 months of leave to remain in the UK on a 5-year route to settlement. If not, we can assist you in troubleshooting what went wrong with an earlier application, or lodge an appeal against a refusal.


If you have limited leave to remain and children outside of the UK, it is possible to apply for them to come and re-join you here. If they are applying alongside your partner, then you will need to show sufficient funds to support both of them. They will be granted leave in line with your own.

If you are settled in the UK with indefinite leave to remain, you can apply for your children to be given indefinite leave to enter. You’ll need to show:

  • You have sufficient accommodation and maintenance to support your child
  • The child does not have an independent life outside of the UK
  • The role you have in making decisions for your child as a parent whilst separated
  • Any other compelling reasons for entry

Adult dependants

You can sponsor any family member over 18 to join you but must be able to show that they have medical issues with basic daily functions and that the care they require is either not available or not affordable in their country of origin. You must also show that you can accommodate them and that they will not require any state support for at least 5 years.

This is a significant narrowing of what were previously much more generous provisions and these applications are notoriously challenging. Getting appropriate medical evidence is crucial if you wish to proceed.

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