Types of Legal Funding

All legal costs are agreed with you in advance and we will always keep you informed about your legal costs. We offer unrivalled value for money and a first-class service. In terms of costs, we offer Conditional Fee Arrangements, Fixed-Fee Representation, Legal Expenses Insurance and Legal Aid.

Conditional Fee Arrangements (CFA)

With a Conditional Fee Arrangement, you do not pay any legal costs if your case is unsuccessful. It is similar to a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement. A Conditional Fee Arrangement is a legal funding agreement. This means you only pay for your legal costs if your case is successful and you receive compensation.

Fixed-fee representation

Our charges are competitive and we will agree legal costs from the outset of your case. We will assess your individual case and the level of representation you require. We offer a fixed-fee tailored to your personal requirements.

Legal expenses insurance

Household and motor insurance policies often include cover for legal costs. It can cover the potential costs of legal action brought by or against you if you are the policyholder. If you do have legal expenses insurance, this can be used to cover legal costs.

Legal aid

From September 2018, we will be offering legal aid for certain cases. We will assess whether you are entitled to legal aid and if applicable, your costs will be paid from public funds.