If you have settled status in the UK (Indefinite Leave to Remain or Permanent Residence) you can consider applying to become a British national. You will need to demonstrate:

  • That you have been in the UK lawfully for the past five years (or three if married to a British national)
  • That your absences from the UK are not too high
  • You are a person of good character and do not have any serious criminal offences or civil penalties
  • You speak a sufficient level of English and have passed the Life in the UK test

If you are successful you will also need to attend a ceremony at your local council where you will be presented with a certificate of naturalisation. You can then apply for your first British passport!

Children under 18 can usually be registered as British where they were born in the UK and one of their parents becomes either settled or British. There are a number of other ways that children can register as British and the Home Office have a significant level of discretion to allow this when it is clear a child’s best interests and future will be in the UK.


There are two main types of British citizenship:

  • Otherwise than by descent – This means you were usually born in the UK to British parents and can pass on your nationality to the next generation.
  • By descent – This means you were born overseas to someone British ‘otherwise’ than by descent. Whilst you yourself are British, you will not be able to pass this on to any children born outside of the UK.

Determining whether someone is entitled to British nationality is often complex. It can depend on where you were born, when, the type of British nationality held by your parents and even your grandparents. We will work alongside you to gather the relevant information to determine whether or not you have a claim to be British.

Please note that, due to the levels of research and time for these enquiries, we do charge a higher rate of £250 for initial consultations and written advice.

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