If you are concerned about harm or persecution in your home country on the basis of your race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership of a particular social group, you can apply for protection in the UK. This The process can seem intimidating but we can help you to navigate it.


  • Screening interview

    You will need to attend a meeting with the Home Office in Croydon (unless disability prevents you from travel) to lodge your claim. We can assist in arranging this event for you.

  • Substantive interview

    Generally, a couple of months later, the Home Office will want to meet you again to interview you in detail about your case. We can help strengthen your claim by drafting detailed representations in your favour, taking a witness statement from you and working with you to gather supporting evidence to explain the dangers you face.

  • Decision

    When the Home Office make their decision, if they accept your claim, you will be offered 5 years of leave to remain in the UK after which you may settle. If the claim is refused, it is normal to be given a right of appeal. We can help get you ready for this, preparing all documents for the hearing and representing you on the day itself.

Fresh Claims

If you have been refused asylum before but new grounds, evidence or documents come to light that you think the Home Office need to see, it is possible to present these to them as further submissions.

This is a challenging area of law and you will need to put forward your case in the strongest light possible to convince the Home Office to let you take it further – in some cases, they will send this matter back to the Tribunal for another appeal. This can mean we have to take further steps such as instructing experts, getting documents verified or undertaking country research on the risks you face.

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